To Live a Godly Life
Marie LoPrinzi Zakaluk:
“The president of SMS has impacted my life since I was 14 years old.... Would anyone believe the privilege God has given me, my parents, the Zakaluks and the members of EBC, Manville, NJ in knowing Alex Leonovich and his family? Where do I begin sharing the many times that I, personally, have been blessed, encouraged, comforted, taught the Word, prayed, dined, enlightened, laughed and praised God? Do you want me to write a book? Let it be sufficient to say, for now, the following: president Alex Leonovich has encouraged me, in numerous ways, especially by example, to live a Godly, exciting, adventurous life with Christ as Saviour, Lord and King. With much love, prayer, respect and admiration for an exceptionally great servant of God, Alex Leonovich”.

Michael Bichko, Stolbtsi, Belarus:
“The reconstruction of our church has me working from 9 am to 9 pm.... our members have been practicing stewardship and allowing themselves to purchase bare necessities— only bread and milk— in order to contribute to our financial needs to finish the building.”

The Passion of Christ
Sergei Zukovski, Borisov, Belarus:
“We had a showing of “The Passion of Christ” in the largest theater in the city and we distributed New Testaments to all who came... over 2500 in three days. Authorities are agreeing to allow additional showings including distribution of New Testaments!”

Providing Relief
Nathan Tuckey, Pastor of South Ridge Community Church, Clinton, NJ:
“One of our church’s first and most significant ministry opportunities with SMS was providing relief for the families of those who suffered the loss of loved through the sinking of the Russian submarine The Kursk. SMS was passionate about helping these families through their loss and providing tangible ways for them to experience the love of God. It was a wonderful opportunity to partner with SMS in demonstrating God’s love for these people during their time of loss. Thanks to SMS for caring about them and providing a way for us to be involved.“

Victor Zaletilo, Vitebsk, Belarus:
“Praise the Lord that you (in America) are able to lift your vision above and beyond your own needs to see the needs in far off Belarus. Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your financial support.”

Church Planting
Boris Volshonok, Polotsk, Belarus:
“For the past few years, our church has sent missionaries into three different locations to initiate new churches in remote areas. Recently we gathered the youth choir and preachers of our church, as well as a pastor and his wife from America. We preached and sang and encouraged these little congregations who are experiencing ridicule and insults from relatives, neighbors and co-workers. They have their share of joys and sorrows. In sharing with them, we were blessed. For our young people who live in the city, it was a life changing experience.”

Imagine This!
Alexander Levkovski, Gomel, Belarus:
“For an entire month now we have been following a new format for our Sunday services. We have our usual morning service from 10 am to 12 pm. We then have refreshments and open discussion about what we heard during the worship service. This continues to around 2pm. We then have a time of prayer in which we bring all our needs and our thanksgiving to God. Our meeting ends around 4 pm.”